About Us

Supporting those on the journey up (and down) their Long Path.

Our Story

Long Path Outfitters is for whatever your hike is—whatever your long path might be.

Opened in September 2021, LPO is in Nyack, NY which is home to countless trailheads including the Long Path—an ever-growing 100-year-old trail beginning at 175th street in Manhattan and snaking its way north 358 miles through New York State.

My long path began in camping stores that my father opened in 1974 in NYC. Some of my earliest memories are burrowing in sleeping bags and learning how to use the enormous cash registers at Kreeger & Sons.

Many years later, now with three sons of my own and thousands of local hiking miles under my belt, I decided it was time for Nyack to get its due as the little mountain town that it is. Through Long Path Outfitters, I’m selecting and sharing what I know to be only the most useful gear, apparel, and goodies to support others on the trails.

Find Your Long Path

Tag @LongPathOutfitters on your next adventure and use #FindYourLongPath on Instagram to be entered into a sweet giveaway of Long Path Outfitters gear and goodies in December. Double entry if you show us your LPO Nalgene or LPO sweatshirt on the trail with you!